Canada Foundation for Nepal

Important Notice: CFFN’s banking information was compromised last year, and since then many people have been receiving fraudulent checks in the name of CFFN. If you don’t personally know CFFN or it’s members, please do not accept CFFN checks.

Canada Foundation for Nepal (CFFN) is an Ottawa-based not-for-profit organization dedicated to promoting North-South cooperation for sustainable development in Nepal. We at CFFN are working towards promoting critical thinking and enhancing scholarly exchanges between Nepal and any interested parties from Canada and abroad with an objective of improving rural education and livelihood. We strive to provide individuals of all ages, talents and abilities the opportunities to contribute in worthy endeavours that benefit Nepal, Canada, and the global community. Our programs stem from awareness towards the needs of individuals, families, nations, and the world as a whole. We channel our endeavours towards incubating research ideas on solutions to issues of education and wellbeing in Nepal and promoting cooperation between the people of Canada and Nepal. We invite you to be part of the Foundation and get involved in its activities.

Currently, we have three ongoing initiatives. Community Child Care Centre (4C) is an initiative to help rural communities set up and maintain community centres with trained teachers who are responsible for the pre-school-aged children in Nepal. This frees up their parents to work while freeing up the older siblings so they can attend school. Research activities on sustainable livelihood system aims to promote education and well-being in Nepal and beyond that brings together Nepali diaspora Scholars, Scholars from Nepal and elsewhere with research interests on Nepal to share ideas and generate evidence based knowledge through research, publications, conferences, workshops and seminars. Working in collaboration with Nepal Health Research Council Kathmandu; the Cochrane and Campbell and Cochrane Equity Methods Group; WHO Collaborating Centre for Knowledge Translation and Health Technology Assessment in Health Equity at the University of Ottawa, and South Asian Cochrane Network and Centre,  CFFN has been contributing to build capacity in evidence-informed policies and health equity in Nepal. The Open University of Nepal Initiative (OUN) is in the development process in Nepal that brings CFFN together with the Government of Nepal, Non-Resident Nepali Association and Athabasca University of Canada. This initiative helps to connect and promote marginalized people into the mainstream of education by removing barriers of distance, time, money, and readiness.

We encourage you to send suggestions, innovative ideas and research articles. You can reach us at info [at] cffn [dot] ca, or for other contact info click here. To learn more about our main initiatives, please explore this site.

For a brief video presentation on CFFN, please click here.