CFFN Radio

CFFN Radio is a project designed to share thoughts and knowledge with anyone and anyone who seeks it. Through this Web site, anyone can listen at any time to a variety of radio shows produced by Canada Foundation for Nepal. Everyone is free to invite others to listen and to download and redistribute the shows. It is our hope that one day the programs available here will be broadcast on airwaves in rural areas of Nepal so that all that is needed to listen is a radio. Here are the programs that we currently produce:

  • Yuba Sanchar: Yuba Sanchar is a youth radio program dedicated to advancing knowledge and wisdom for building a better world. Through this project inspired youth of Canada and Nepal work together to build collective knowledge and understanding.
  • Epilogues / Yatra Nepal: This radio program invites recent visitors to Nepal to share their stories and experiences. Nepalis and non-Nepalis alike are invited to be part of our storytelling. This program is available in both English and Nepali languages so that everyone can get a taste of Nepal, or home.
  • CFFN Interview Series: Here, CFFN hosts interviews with various people and personalities to gain insights relevant for the organization and to those interested in its causes.
  • CFFN Specials: CFFN Specials brings you presentations, speeches, and more directly from events hosted by or attended by CFFN.

What is a Podcast?

A Podcast is a type of information broadcast that is available on demand and can be download from the Internet. Here at CFFN Radio, all of our shows are available as podcasts. They are all audio and in MP3 format.

How to Listen

Our home page lists the newest all of the radio shows as they become available. You can read descriptions from each of the shows and listen directly on the page by clicking on the play button (Flash player required). If you would like to download the program and listen at a later time, you can do so by clicking on “Download” underneath the play button or by right-clicking on the orange Podcast button at the top of each news post. You can then transfer it to a MP3 player and listen to them on the go.

If you have iTunes, you can subscribe to our shows through the iTunes Store. Through iTunes, the shows can be set to download automatically to your library and are easily transferred to an iPod for listening on the go.

For advanced users, you can subscribe via our RSS feed. Each of our shows has its own feed so you can pick and choose which ones to subscribe to, or subscribe to our main feed to catch all of the shows.

An Invitation to Make a Difference

If you would like to contribute to CFFN Radio or any of its existing shows, or if you have ideas for new programs, please send us an email. If you have any comments, then please share them with us and we will be glad to include them in our shows. We can be emailed at: radiocffn


CFFN intends to achieve the following objectives:

  • Enhance the quality of education delivered to the people of rural Nepal through the injection of modern technology and international volunteerism
  • Encourage youth to develop and share their ideas, learn technological skills, and develop leadership skills
  • Create a meaningful and thought-provoking content
  • Establish the international collaboration at a grassroots level
  • Unite Nepali people around the world though sharing information and story telling
  • Invite people from around the world to learn about Nepal and assist various CFFN activities set to encourage education and development in Nepal

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